Lost boy, 4, found at Jack Pidik Park

National, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 9, 2010

By GRACE AUKA UPNG journalism student
SENT Kol found a lost child, aged four and believed to be from Central,  and is calling on the parents and relatives to claim the boy.
Tafo, the boy, was found by Kol from Western Highlands at 5-Mile two weeks ago on a Monday night at around 9pm.
According to Kol’s relative Palius Komga, the child was seen crying and wandering at 5-Mile Jack Pidik Park when he went to pick up his children after having a look at the Christmas lights.
“When I arrived to pick up my children, little Tafo was with Kol and my children so we decided to take him home,” Komga said.
Since then Tafo has been living with Komga and his family and talks and plays around freely when he is around the children.
Komga said after the night Tafo was found, they reported the matter to the 6-Mile and 5-Mile police stations and requested for Tafo’s parents and relatives to claim the child.
“We have tried our best by asking him where he is from, where he lives and took him around the city in the hope of helping him locate his home or meet someone he may know but all that has come out negative,” Komga said.
However, he told The National yesterday that it had been two weeks now and they had not received any responses from the police stations or any family member.
“Mi bai klostu go bek long ples nau na mi laikim ol mama, papa o ol wantok blo Tafo lo luksave lo em na kam kleimim em (I’ll be going to my village soon and I would like Tafo’s parents and relatives to take him back),” Kol said.
Meanwhile, Komga is urging all parents and guardians to take care and be responsible for their children when attending the Christmas celebrations which are held nightly at 5-Mile Jack Pidik Park.
For more enquiries and if you know this lost child (Tafo), please contact Palius Komga on phone
numbers 7253 4754 and 7685 2808 to claim the  child.