Loud music is noise pollution


I APPRECIATE what our good ministries who use live bands to evangelise God’s Word to their congregation for their spiritual enlightenment.
I want to also point out that those who have their volume very high are causing noise pollution.
Any music that is unpleasant to the ears is noise. I appeal to pastors to please turn down volumes to the meditation level because your flocks are right in front of you and could hear you loud and clear without an amplifier.
God is a living God and He hears your heart beat even when you cannot hear it.
Be respectful and consider other people who come home from work and need to spend a peaceful and quiet time with God, just to be disturbed by your rock and roll type of music and shouting.
Some of you may not agree with me but I am a victim of such noise and I am fed up.
Show some decency and preach calmly to your flocks and do not be aggressive with your maximum volume.
You are not the only Christians who pray.
There are others who sit quietly in their room praying while your high volume disturb their mind and heart spoiling their peaceful time with God.
Turn your volume down musicians and street preaching pastors.
We want to have peace in our hearts as you so adhere because we can’t stand this anymore.

JDK lo Lae


  • Hi JDKlo Lae,
    Iam 100% support you. Here in Port Moresby, namely suburbs of EASTBOROKO, CHINA TOWN ,KUPO SETTLEMENT, Our good pastor was shouting from the TOP OF HIS VOICE, seems like he’s EXPRESSING HIS ANGER on someone , Starts around 4.30am till 6.00am. From time to time a female pastors voice came on. Who are you to prove that you’re the only believer in the suburb of East Boroko, Very Disturbing indeed and annoying. Our God is not DEAF OR DUMB, Pastor go to your private room and pray to God who is in that private room, your HEART. EMPTY DRUM MAKES ALOT OF NOISE,,, WITHOUT A FUEL INSIDE. Please pastor do RESPECT othersas you would want them to RESPECT YOU.
    Volume adjustments,,pastor.

  • I totally agreed with both of you JDK and Ben.But there’s another side of it.Those people carrying boom box around in the public playing music entertaining who ever thy want to without their consent,loud music from club disturbing their neighbours is this noise pollution???

  • My brother, as you and I know very well that any form of loud music especially in public places,shouldn’t be encouraged and must be stop immediately. NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH. Noise polution disturbs ones peace and quiet. I know boom box can be very disturbing and annoying . The rightful place for any loud music should be in night clubs under close doors or noise proofs to absorb sounds or earpiece should be encourage by those playing music. Grown up persons should know very well that SENSITIVITY to the NEEDS OF OTHERS be taken into consideration and its a must There is a law about the NOISE POLLUTION in our constitution. After 10.30pm the noise of any kind should be stop and let Peace and Quiet be available to those who live near by. My next door neighbor, please lets have peace and quiet in our homes and in our streets “Shalom “

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