Love, faith ‘vital’ for health work


LOVE and faith are two important things healthcare workers can use when assisting patients in a hospital, says a pastor.
During a staff dedication service for Gerehu general hospital on Friday, Pastor Elijah Jordan-Som told the hospital staff that their job was important and in order to do their job better they needed to do it with love.
“When a politician, an economist and other people get sick the only people who make them feel better are you. They come to the hospital when they feel sick, they rely on your advice, prescription of medicine to make them feel better,” Ps Jordan-Som said.
“You have chosen this profession, a profession that assists sick people to get better. You must love what you do and do your job with love.”
He said people’s health was God’s priority, quoting 1 Peter 2:24, “By his (Jesus) wounds, we are healed.”
“God wants his people to be healthy so they could serve him. Doctors, nurses, health care workers are God’s vessels that would help look after people,” he said.
He said faith was like a sixth sense that health workers could use to make people feel better.
“Faith is like a supernatural power. You have to believe in what you do and have faith that the medicine given can heal.” He commended health worker for all the challenges they face weather it was an emergency call, or putting up with a patient’s attitude.
“I know you people are human beings and you have problems of your own at home, too, but putting that aside to come to help patients in the hospital is good work.”
Naomi Kulda, a nursing officer at the hospital, said their work was challenging because they worked shifts and often come across situations that they could not handle.
“When things get out of hand, I feel like giving up then I remember I made my vows in church and took an oath and that gives me strength to do my job.”
Hospital executive officer Dr Steven Yennie said the hospital received K3 million from the government this year and they were eager to work on the maternity ward that was planned.

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