Low funding for literacy programmes

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DESPITE PNG’s huge resources in the country, funding for literacy programmes is still lacking.
National literacy and awareness secretariat director Willie Jonduo said: “Sadly, support is only coming from outside organisations.”
He highlighted this on NBC Government talk back programme on Monday night.
“This is not to say the Government is not doing anything about literacy in the country. But the support for literacy programmes should be stronger.
“Such programmes are mostly carried out by church-based organisations (CBOs) and NGOs when the Government should be the one taking the lead,” he said.
Mr Jonduo said the Government had every reason to pump resources into literacy-promoting programmes and projects.
He said provincial literacy coordinators were lacking in all the provinces, suggesting offices be set up at district to provincial levels to monitor the progress and effectiveness of the programmes.
“Assistance is also coming from United Nations Education Social and Cultural Organisation (Unesco), so the Government should also come good with counterpart fundings,” he said.
Mr Jonduo said Momase and the Highlands were facing low literacy rates of 25% and 35% respectively while the New Guinea Islands and the Southern region had a literacy rate of about 75%.