Low water pressure in Motu-Koita villages

National, Normal


DESPITE water taps being turned on this week for the Motu-Koita villages, water pressure is too low to reach most homes.
After the water woes of the Motu-Koita villagers have been brought to the media, Eda Ranu turned the taps early this week but many are complaining that the pressure is too low.
This was obvious to The National yesterday after a visit to various villages where villagers had to converge at the main tap with various sizes of containers and drums to fetch water.
It was noted that most of the houses at the end of the villages could not get water as little water that was flowing was “trapped” by the homes at the front villagers making others suffer.
Even to make matters worse, some villages on the slopes along the by-pass road to Baruni and on the hills of Vabukori and Taurama were completely without water as no taps have been connected yet.
Elevala villager Boyo Frank said it was like “hell for the last three months.”
“It has been a huge burden especially for the mothers and children,” Mrs Frank said.
What was seen happening was that, as soon as water runs into the villages at some unexpected times, every villager had to rush to the main taps with many containers as they could to get as much waters as they could.
The villagers said they had to rush because water would stop anytime after running for two to three hours each day since Monday.
Ovia Tau of Hanuabada village said it was unfair when other settlers were getting free water while they had to suffer.