Lower personal income tax rate

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday 25th March 2013

 I support writers who highlighted the high personal income tax regime the government is impo­sing on the salary we earn.

Why do I have to pay more than 40% of my salary as tax?

I find it hard to understand why this massive tax is imposed on me when my country is blessed with so many na­tural resources.

We have government arms that are generating incom­e, not to mention mining and pet­roleum companies and other big companies paying taxes for doing business here.

There are so many ways the government is generating re­venue to run PNG but it does not seem to be enough.

Can any leader justify the massive personal in­come tax that I am forced to pay?

Besides paying income tax, I also have to pay 

10% VAT on goods and servi­ces when I shop or 

eat out, use uti­lities and transport, tax on doing bu­siness, etc.

Why are there so many taxes?

The government is ta­king far too much from 

me than necessary.

Please lower the tax rate and raise the personal income tax threshold be­cause the government has other means and ways to collect money needed to run this country.


Tax Payer