Lower personal income tax unlikely

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 28th March 2013

 A NUMBER of letters appeared in The National calling for a reduction in personal income tax. 

However, it must be made clear it is the tax system that keeps the na­tion and government go­ing.

It is this tax system that generates sufficient reve­nue to pay off loans as well as funding the government’s development pro­jects.

We now have two big white elephants called “free education” and “free health care” and need to feed them.

In order to keep these two policies going, the go­vernment needs every kina it can lay its hands 

on, including our hard earned overtime salary.

We can demand for a lower personal income tax until the cows come home but it will fall on deaf ears.

With additional massive off-shore loans and other commitments, we can expect turbulent times ahead.

We can only have one not both, thanks to our government for the people and by the people.


Dontam Tagibo

Mt Dubex