Lua sworn in as Chief Ombudsman

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013


THE new Chief Ombudsman for the Ombudsman Commission of PNG was  sworn in by the Governor-General at Government House yesterday.    

Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio officiated the swearing in ceremony for Rigo Lua. 

Lua, 53, is from Kapari village, Abau district in Central and was the former chairman of the Public Services Commission. 

The ceremony was attended by Lua’s family and members of his staff, including senior Ombudsman John Nero and former acting Chief Ombudsman Phoebe Sangetari.

Sangetari congratulated Lua on his appointment and she thanked the ombudsman appointments committee for the opportunity she had to lead as acting chief ombudsman. 

“I look forward to working with him (Lua),” Sangetari said. 

Lua also thanked the appointments committee for having the confidence to appoint him.

A lawyer by profession, Lua said he had a lot of experience and a wealth of knowledge to deliver to the Ombudsman Commission. 

Lua, however, said that he would not announce his plans for the Ombudsman Commission before speaking with his two senior commissioners, Nero and Sangetari, and other senior staff.  

Lua, in his address to the media, said: “We all know our country is growing into prosperity and so the Ombudsman Commission must rise up. 

“There is a public perception that they (public) have a very high expectation of the Ombudsman Commission, especially to watch the conduct of leaders. 

“The Ombudsman Commission must rise up to ensure wealth is not misappropriated but is used in accordance to laws of our country.”