Lucky escape for passengers after Magi Highway PMV bus fare attack

National, Normal

The National,Friday 13 January 2012

PASSENGERS living at Barakau village, Central, were lucky to escape unhurt when the bus they were travelling in on Wednesday afternoon was attacked on the Magi Highway.
Eyewitnesses on board the bus said an argument arose between the bus crew and a passenger who was getting off at Derekone, just after Dogura.
An eyewitness, who did not want to be named, said a passenger had lied to the bus crew that he was going to Barakau but instead got off at Derekone.
“After paying his bus fare of K2, which was less than the amount he needed to pay, and as he was walking away, the driver swore at him. This angered him so he retaliated,” an eyewitness said.
“That man and one of his relatives started hitting the bus with sticks and whatever they could lay their hands on and in the process hit the back windscreen which shattered as the PMV was drove away.”
The eyewitness said the driver drove the bus to where the incident took place, got out with a couple of men and started fighting with the passenger and some of his relatives.
“They were lucky that none of the men received any serious injuries as some men from both groups were swinging bush knives and throwing bottles and stones at each other.
“Some women passengers who were frightened for their lives jumped out of the bus and got on other buses going back to 4-Mile,” the eyewitness said.