Lufa locals receive K1.5m projects from committee

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The National, Tuesday 06th December 2011

THE people of Kiseveroka and Yumi rural areas, in Lufa district, Eastern High­-
lands, received over K1.5 million worth of development projects this year.
The money is from the Lufa MP and Vice-Minis­ter for Finance Yawa Silu­-
pa’s under his joint district budget planning com­mittee (JDBPC).
He told the people last Friday the importance of bringing vital services to the people in rural areas.
He is committed to ensuring the people get their fair share of development projects from his office before his parliamentary term expires.
Silupa urged the people of Kiseveroka not to view projects coming to their area as “political” as the general election was not too far away.
“The time to deliver services still remains and the time for us to play politics is next year,” he said.
Some of the main development projects funded from the  Lufa JDBPC were the Yumi fish project (K115,000), Yumi road maintenance (K50,000), Kiseveroka road maintenance (K400,000), Kiseveroka aid post maintenance (K25,000) and Kiseveroka Bridge construction (K800,000).
He said K1,525,000 had
been spent on projects for the people of Kiseveroka and Yumi areas.
Silupa told the people that the government had made available K7 million for major road rehabilitation from Lufa station to Fututai in Unavi local level government, near the Mt Crater Gold.


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