Lui Mona highway needs funding


THE unsealed, one lane Lui Mona highway up to Tapini government station, headquarters for Goilala district needs funding so this can penetrate into all areas of the district.
Out of the said 29,998 square kilometers of Central, Goilala district also got one of the big land mass.
Goilala has three different language speaking tribes –Lower and upper Kunimaipa language speaking tribe; the Tauade language speaking tribe; and the Fuyuge language speaking tribes.
To clarify these tribes in their respective locations are, the lower and upper Kunimaipa language speaking tribes situated at the western end and the upper end, sharing provincial boundaries with gulf and Morobe province.
The Tauade language speaking tribe situated between the headquarters of Aivara, the centre of Goilala district.
The Fuyuge language speaking tribes Auga and Dilava, sharing boarder with neighbouring Mekeo Kuni down the southern side with Hiri west; the Veitapus, situated between the head waters of Vanapa river, sharing boarder with neighbouring Koiaries and Hiri coast; and the Chirime valley situated
between the headquarters of Chirime river sharing provincial boundary with Kokoda the last patrol post of Oro on the north eastern side.
Not forgetting the other Tauade speaking tribe situated between narrow water ways of the Ivani River (St Joseph River).
This Tauade language speaking tribe is situated back dropped from the proposed Kosipe hydro dam.
We have the same geographical areas with mountain terrain ridges and rivers and rivers, that is why we need roads to run through this areas before any development can take place.
When infrastructure and development in a place, then we can look at human resource to follow suit.


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