Lung cancer killing many, says doctor


LUNG cancer affects a significant population and is a top-killing cancer in Papua New Guinea, a doctor says.
United Nations in-country physician Dr Mathias Sapuri said this during the commemoration of World No Tobacco Day by the PNG Cancer Foundation (PNGCF) on Sunday.
“It is important to know that smoking leads to the development of lung cancer,” he said.
“Children and adolescents should not pick up the habit of smoking.
“Exposure to smoking by family relations are common, where a parent or relatives currently smoke, it’s most likely that children adopt the habit.”
Sapuri stressed that passive smoking (the breathing of other people’s smoke by non-smokers) was a concern as it could affect people.
He said it was important to break the cycle.
“To protect yourself from lung cancer, do not smoke and avoid areas that expose you to smoke fumes,” he said.
The World No Tobacco Day is a global campaign that draws attention to the tobacco epidemic and the preventable death and disease it causes as well as advocating for effective policies to reduce tobacco use.

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  • I don’t mind. Major cause of lung cancer is smoking. If you like to smoke then don’t complain about lung cancer. Cause and effect are connected.

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