Lupari calls for probe on Wabag accounts

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The National,Friday July 13th, 2012

WABAG open candidate Isaac Lupari is calling for an investigation into the Wabag trust accounts.
Lupari said the three accounts specified for the people of Wabag had been allegedly tampered with by a certain individual in the past few months. He is calling on the Task Force Sweep and relevant authorities to immediately conduct investigations into the operations of the trust accounts belonging to the Wabag District Services Improvement Programme, Wabag Holding Ltd, and Wabag General Hospital. He alleged that millions of kina belonging to the people of Wabag had been squandered and used by people directly associated with a politician for election-related activities. “Thousands of kina were paid directly to people and companies on the pretext of service provisions, including hiring of helicopters,” Lupari said.“The Task Force Sweep and other appropriate agencies must immediately conduct investigations into the use and operations of these accounts,” he said.
He was responding to a report by the Post Courier a few weeks ago on large sums of money being withdrawn by politician Sam Abal and other top public servants in the province. He said he would lodge a complaint with police and the Ombudsman Commission to thoroughly investigate the matter.