Lupari launches EC website

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The National,Thursday June 16th, 2016

CHIEF Secretary Isaac Lupari yesterday launched the Electoral Commision website which features an electronic electoral roll look-up page.
People can log on anytime and anywhere on personal computers, mobile phones and tablets – a big improvement from the existing website which had not been working since the 2012 general election.
Lupari, the chairman of the inter-department election committee, pressed the button to launch the website in front of Treasury secretary Dairi Vele, Finance secretary Dr Ken Ngangan, Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates Dr Alphonse Gelu, police officers and Electoral Commission staff.
He said the website should help dispel speculation that the 2017 election would not go ahead as planned.
“Some seem to suggest that we are not prepared for the elections,” Lupari said.
Some are saying that there’ll be delays and others are saying that the common roll update is not being done.”
“All rumors and speculations.”
Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said the website cost about K20,000 to install over a two-month period by developer Leonard Wanusim.
“With today’s modern technology, people can access websites from anywhere, even from phones,” he said.
“We have a lot of information on our website which our IT people have worked hard on.”
He said one of the features of the website was the posting of the existing electoral roll online, where one could find his or her name.
“It’s an important tool for us to use (as the general election draws closer),” Gamato said.
“It contains names of 4.7 million people on the electoral roll,” he said.