Lupari set on advancing football, not self-esteem

The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

NATIONAL Soccer League chairman Isaac Lupari says he is not interested in the job but merely trying to help commercialise football in the country.
Lupari was responding to a sports commentary in the Sunday Chronicle.
“I did not become chairman to enhance my ego,” Lupari said. “I took the job because I want to help develop soccer, in particular, semi-professional football.”
Lupari said the NSL had huge potential to become the yardstick for the commercialisation of soccer in the country.
“Our players are talented and NSL can help them to become professional players.
“Asia is the nearest market where footballers throughout the world converge to wind down their playing careers. PNG players can access that market and beyond.”
Lupari said his attempt to commercialise NSL as a business got ignored because the PNGFA leadership under David Chung did not want change.
He said he would not continue as chairman unless there were changes in PNGFA’s stance. He said the staging of international games in the country were the result of the combined effort of many people, and not one man should get mileage out of it.
Lupari said the commentator, who was very senior writer (named), could sing all the praise he wanted, and be critical of some people but he obviously missed the plot.
“I am not interested in the job as I only got involved because I want to lend a helping hand,” he said.