Lutheran Revival women urged to appreciate roles


WOMEN in the Lutheran Revival Church in Wau, Morobe, have been encouraged to value and appreciate each other’s responsibilities in church and at home to see the blessings from God in their spiritual lives.
The senior pastor of Exodus church in Wau, Robert Yaby, commended women for their commitment in the service of the Lord and urged them to value and acknowledge each other for their good work in the church.
“We should value the role of mothers and encourage them to continue to play a leading role in their respective roles in the church and in their respective communities,” Yaby told the women.
“You will receive your blessings by acknowledging, valuing and appreciating your fellow believers in the church, within your families and in your respective communities,” he said.
The Exodus mothers exchanged presents and shared food to mark the end of their fellowship programme for the year.
They then sang worship and praise songs.
The women’s leader, Elizabeth Kogori, thanked all the mothers for their commitment towards attending fellowship programmes throughout the year and encouraged them to continue to
participate in the fellowship next year.
“I acknowledge your participation in the women’s activities this year. Your efforts in contributing towards God’s kingdom are treasured,” Kogori said.
“We have to close our programme early due to other commitments such as school graduations and other family commitments,” she added.
Kogori also welcomed the new women who joined their fellowship group this year and urged them to continue to participate in the women’s fellowship group
next year to grow in their spiritual lives.