Lutheran Shipping must improve

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday March 5th, 2014

 IN regards to Lutheran Shipping, it is bad for the people on the coastal and hinterland areas of Morobe, Madang and Sepik who depend on the   service  that  Lutheran Shipping provides.

Since appointing the ‘caretaker management’ to manage all functions of the company, we have yet to see improvements as most of our people at home are suffering due to poor shipping runs to these areas. 

Can the caretaker management assure the public on their short and long term plans to improve these services? 

Otherwise, the following issues need to be addressed  once and for all for the company to operate efficiently. 

As  matter  of  concern  we would like the management to overhaul the whole management team.

Provide financial reports on the company.

Provide continuous improvement plans to maintain and improve all ships (preventive and routine maintenance plans for both short and long term).

Engage auditors to audit company books on a regular basis.

Provide asset management plan and replacement programmes. 

Appoint caretaker management team from a reputable shipping company to oversee functions of Lutheran Shipping until a proper management team is appointed and provide proper yearly or monthly shipping schedules.

I believe the above points will enable the caretaker  management  to  bring the company  and its functions back on track.  

I  think it is time for someone to be held accountable for all these issues and malfunctioning of the company to be shown the door so that a new person can be come in to revive this company.


Darius Loth

Port Moresby