Lutheran students off to MBP

Faith, Normal


THE University of Papua New Guinea Lutheran Students Congregation (LSC) will be running outreach programmes on Fergusson Island, Milne Bay province, with messages of faith and awareness on circular issues after the completion of their examinations next week.
LSC chaplain Rev Chuainsker Natung said the outreach programmes included preaching of the gospel, awareness on circular issues like global warming, HIV and AIDS, human rights and other social issues affecting the country.
Rev Natung said the outreach programmes included visitations to primary and secondary schools, villages and prison camps with messages of the gospel and conducting awareness on important social issues like HIV and AIDS with brochures and booklets.
Rev Natung said since 2007, the LSC had been running outreach programmes during student vacations in Madang, Oro and Morobe and this year, students will be travelling to Milne Bay.
LSC president Albert Horick said selected students from different schools at UPNG were chosen to travel for the programmes so that apart from preaching messages of faith, they could also educated people about important issues affecting the country.
Mr Horick said some students travelling on the outreach programmes had training certificate from the National AIDS Council and were qualified to run HIV and AIDS training and awareness exercise to school children and people at the village level.
He pointed out that LSC believed strongly in the statement in the Bible that states “my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge.” and students believed they could fill in that gap and educate their people about what it means to be ambassadors of Christ on earth.