Lutheran youths attend music workshop


MORE than 50 youths from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG) attended a two-week music workshop in Vanimo, West Sepik.
The workshop was conducted by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG youth division to help youths in the proclaiming of the word of God by means of music.
Youths from Aitape, Nyakona and villages along the Papua New Guinea-Indonesia border took part in the workshop.
Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG music trainer Jeffery Foagao said the workshop was well received by the percipients who were very eager to learn music.
“Youths from the Catholic Church who were involved in this programme worked and learnt music well with Lutheran youths and that is part of working and learning in partnership,”
Foagao said.
The participants learnt different guitar chords, when to apply them and how to use them with songs.
Evangelical Lutheran Church Vanimo-based pastor Kevin Teta while thanking the national church for the initiative, said this was the first of its kind for Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG headquarter to go down to the congregation level with this programme in the province.
He said through gospel music, youths can help promote Christian values and principles far and
“It is one of the effective ways youths can be able to convey The Good News of Jesus Christ,” Teta said.
The closing of the programme last week was attended by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea youth adviser Mathias Toreger.
The workshop ended last week.