Lutherans thank govt and organisations for supporting church celebrations


THE Evangelical Lutheran Church in Western Highlands has thanked Christians, government bodies and the private sector for making the church reformation day on Oct 31 a success.
Events chairman Philip David said with the support from Christians, business houses, government and the private sector, the celebration was meaningful. He said this was one of the biggest celebrations held in Mt Hagen by the Lutherans in the province.
He said the celebration at the Queen Elizabeth Park in Mt Hagen has attracted many believers.
Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae with his wife Lady Hannah and Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti attended the celebration.
“This was a very important day for the Christians to come and know how the reformation took place,” David said.
David said through the reformation started by Martin Luther 500 years ago, people were coming to know the truth and were aware of the work of the Spirit.
“God came to make his presence known when people became born again through reformation,” David said.
“The Christian belief could have been translated the other way around but it was God who used Martin Luther to reveal the truth.”
He described the celebration in Mt Hagen staged by the 14 circuits of Western Highlands as a real blessing.
“This will become an annual event because reformation really means change in the lives of the people,” he said.
He said Oct 31 would be a day for Christians of the Lutheran Church and other denominations to get together and give God glory and honour.