Lutherans urged to continue Lord’s service

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The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru has urged members of the Lutheran Church to continue to give their lives to the service of the Lord so that they could gain eternal life when Jesus returns.
Naru, who is a devoted Lutheran, said this last Saturday when giving the keynote address to church members during a meeting at the Boana station in Nawaeb, Morobe.
Naru and his wife Colleen were invited to witness and officially close the two weeks meeting for Christian Education Training for children from Hagen and Boana districts of the Lutheran Church at Boana station.
The theme of the meeting was “Laying down one’s life for others in the hope of receiving it back” and was based on Bible scriptures Mark 9: 37 and John 21: 15-17.
More than 300 Lutherans from Hagen district, Western Highlands, including children, attended the meet.
Naru said: “We must lose our lives in God’s service in order to gain them.
“If we wish to keep our lives, we will lose them. Christians must know the will of God in their lives.”
Naru urged Lutherans to follow servant leadership in the footsteps of Jesus and to serve people wherever they were.
Boana district acting pastor Boas Bagun thanked the church members from Hagen district for travelling to Morobe and Boana and having the spiritual exchange programme with the local church members.
Bagun said the programme was a new way to ensure children raised in the church would not be caught by worldly influences.
Hagen District Lutheran Church Sunday School coordinator Yuyuge Kont said 323 of them travelled to Morobe in 11 buses for the event.
He said the Boana people had taken good care of them and the friendship and bond they had created would last a long time.
“This programme is for the children,” Kont said.
“Children are the future of the Lutheran Church and we must raise them up to be good men and women,” he said.
Kont invited Christians at Boana district to Hagen for the Nov 1-12  exchange programme so that they would see other Christians and share their faith with them.
Naru, on behalf of his government and family, gave K5000 to the visitors from Hagen district to pay for their travel expenses back to Western Highlands.