Address law and order issue
I AM calling on the leaders of Madang to work together and address law and order issues in the province.
We have seen and heard about crime rates rising every single day, destroying the lives of innocent people.
As reported in the media, Madang resident and chief sgt Adolf Sawar was injured by thugs.
This is one of many reports in the media recently and I urge the Madang Governor Peter Yama and Police Minister Bryan Kramer and other leaders of this town to act quickly and resolve this issue before anyone else gets hurt.
This is a serious matter and involves people’s lives and the leaders need to make it a priority to address this issues soon as possible.

Concerned Citizen

Not so beautiful anymore
BEAUTIFUL Madang now feels like hell.
Fear and tears from violence and terror prevents people’s freedom of movement.
Practically, the usual friendly environment of Madang has become polluted with crimes and violence.
People are not able to move freely to do their daily chores.
Thugs, gangs, ethnic rivalry, satanic cult movements and drunken hooligans control the once famed beautiful town.
Peaceful refreshing sites and resting places such as Krankget Fish market, Kalibobo light house and Kina Beach are hardly frequented these days.
Settlements are rife with home brew and other illegal intoxicated beverages going for very cheap prices.
Ethnic clenching seems uncontrollable.
Strange cult movements seems to penetrate and mingling with Christian practices and eroding its core values and principles.
Men, women and children are easy targets of payback killings and ritual prerequisite.
Recently, a young man from Bundi had his hands and a leg chopped off at Walium Station by a cult devotee and is nursing his wounds at Modilon Hospital.
The next day, a young Sepik lad who snatched a mobile phone from an elderly Wabag man at Red Scar had his head smashed with rocks.
Two days later, a group of drunkards’ harassed three young girls near the Jomba store. Their brother, armed with a knife, chopped one of the men on the head. He died instantly.
Sad to say, the list goes on.
Obviously, there is total breakdown in law and order.
Anyone can do anything crazy while the crowd stare helplessly.
The police in Madang seem to be disoriented, lack stamina, leadership and seem to be blinded by black magic.
Christians keep on fasting and praying to bring back Madang to its glory days while Madang leaders go for a hunting spree in the jungle of Waigani.
What a pity!
We act now or Madang would be gone to dogs.

Luwi James
New Town

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