Madang children celebrate ‘day’ in style

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MUGILPrimary School in the Sumkar district, Madang province, came alive when the children, teachers and the parents celebrated the International Children’s Day in style.
The programme started with a school mass followed by a march by the children as they sang the famous song “We are children” with placards that read “Love the children; happy children day, we are God’s present to the parent and take care of us”. 
They marched to the main arena in their new school uniforms.
Although the celebration went very well, a few children were in tears when some of their parents were not around to put leis around their neck like other children who had their parents with them.
It was also very emotional for a few children and their brothers and sisters who were orphans or those that had one parent.
At one point a young girl burst into tears when reflected on their lives growing up without one of their parent and after seeing her little brother acting out as a fatherless child looking for some one to care for him.
Despite these, the day was well celebrated by the 200 children and their parents.
The Karkum church musical group comprising of youths from the parish also composed and dedicated songs to respect the rights of children as human beings as they would be leaders and adults tomorrow.
Female teacher said there was life in a family if there were children and parents would not be happy if there were no children in the family.
She said parents should respect their children and the children should do the same so that there is happiness in the family.
Community leader Mathew Basin told the parents to take on the responsibility to raise their children well and to show them that they loved them and not to abuse their rights as they were like any other human being.