Madang corporate plan launched

National, Normal


THE Madang provincial corporate plan 2007-14, aimed at creating an environment towards improving service delivery mechanism of the provincial government, was launched last Friday.
The plan was delayed for two years pending approval by the provincial executive council.
At the launch, Governor Sir Arnold Amet urged public servants to do more to help improve the lives of the people.
“The plan requires civil servants to work harder and diligently. Deadlines must be met without excuses to effectively deliver services to the people.
“They must be ready to work because experiences have shown that public servants were not doing their work and were drawing salaries for nothing.
“Offices are defunct because officers were not doing their work properly and diligently.
“The people are told ‘there are no funds’ or ‘we are busy come back next week’.” These are unacceptable excuses used by civil servant and bureaucrats,” Sir Amet said.
“These are signs of poor governance and inefficient management of the service delivery mechanism.
“Those in authority are using their position to misuse public facilities,” he said.