Madang finally has reps in train-on squad

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The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013

 MADANG for the first time has their representative in the national hockey train-on squad after a decade away from the sport.

PNG Hockey Federation secretary Thomas Kahai said that it was the first time Madang had a representative in the team, including Manus and East New Britain.

Defender Ivan Aulebo, Bonny Samen jnr (midfielder) and striker Gabriel Kubai will fly the flag of Madang at the hockey stage.

Sapau Tapo and Andrew Roama will be representing East New Britain while Sosogan Palaiap and Kawaten Popoua will fly the Manus flag in the hockey national training squad.

These players were part of the 30 men squad announced after the national championship held in Madang last month. 

President Kaluwin Potuan said the squad would commence training next week Tuesday for two months before the final 18 players would be named for the Oceania Cup in New Zealand from Oct 26-Nov 2.

The training venue for the Port Moresby-based players would be at Sir John Guise stadium Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium for Lae players which would come under the guidance of local association presidents.

Potuan said all players should prepare their K3,000 levy fee and their passport.

Men; Goalkeepers: Selwyn Tamur (Pom), Julius Raoma (Lae), Solomon Karogo (Lae), Yahee Kusunan (Pom); GK Defenders: Tapas Kangol (Pom), Stanley Solien (Pom), Shane Amos (Lae), William Bon (Lae), Ivan Aulebo (Mad), Patrick Paine (Lae), Edward Purkikil (Pom), Kawetan Popau (Mas); Midfielders : John Kila (Mas); Midfielder: John Isini Jnr (Lae), Milton Kisapai (Pom), Keith Raoma (Lae), Hussein Lowah (Pom), Bonny Samen Jnr (Mad), Twain Pambuai Jnr (Pom), Bernard Raoma (Lae), Polin Kangol (Pom), Andrew Raoma (ENB), Sosongan Polaiap (Mas), Pulsan Tapo (Pom) Sam Mulina (Lae) and Joseph Potuan; Striker – Kimmin Hebei (Lae), Pomat Kanamon (Lae), John Hebei Sain (Pom), Rex Loth (Lae), Gabriel Kubai (mad), Eddie Gebo (Pom), Sapau Tapo (ENB), Andrew Potuan (Pom) and Joseph Potuan (Pom) 

Women: Goalkeeper: Jennifer Maramoma (Lae), Vicki Bai (Lae); Defender: Taita Raoma (Lae), Roberta Walo (Lae), Caroline Mulina (Lae), Piwen Kanamon (Lae); Midfielder: Tracy English (Lae), Vanessa Perry (Lae), Jamila Napoleon (Lae), Tiani Tapo (Pom), Mary Potuan (Pom); Striker; Elizabeth Kaemala (Lae), Alice Fred (Lae), Leanne Bon (Lae), Kari Raurela (Lae), Julienne Naron (Pom), Terry Kiapin (Pom); Defender: Nelly Dowara (Lae), Ipul Polaiap (Lae), Elizabeth Kamalai (mad), Violet Siloi (mad), Ruby Kisapai (Pom), Gabriella Kisapai (Pom); Halves: Jessica Kevan (Pom), Kulamei Kahai (Pom), Theckla Pomoso (Pom), Terry Molean (Pom) Rachael Rabbie (Pom) and Elaine Hebei (Lae).