Madang folks need clean water badly, EU

Letters, Normal

I thank The National for printing the letter from the head of European Commission delegation to PNG Aldo Dell’Ariccia (Nov 6).
His letter shed light on the most important funding for water supply that many of us do not know about. 
The total of K124 million is a lot of money.
I am most interested in the rural water supply and sanitation programme (RWSSP) funding of K104 million and the district town water supply funding of K21.7 million. 
Those of us living in Madang rural and urban periphery villages need safe drinking water badly. 
I said in September that if dysentery and cholera were to hit Madang, it would be worse than Lae or anywhere else.
Our water and sanitation system is woeful. 
We simply do not have them.
The work done by the provincial dysentery/cholera team is excellent and I must congratulate them. 
However, that is only a short-term measure, for the long haul you want everyone to drink, cook and bathe using safe water.
Mr Dell’Ariccia and the National Planning Department better tell us where they are building those water supply systems that they are claiming. 
They are definitely not in Madang.
I call on the European Union and National Planning Department to help the people of Madang as we need some of that funds for our water and sanitation programmes. 
We want every family to have water taps in their home. 
In the rural village setting, people must only walk for no further than 10m to get clean water.


Goll Damud