Madang governor’s job up for grabs

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The National – Friday, December 10, 2010

THE 19 local level government presidents, who make up the Madang provincial assembly, have thrown their support behind Deputy Governor Bob Wati as the likely replacement for incumbent Sir Arnold Amet.
The Madang governor was appointed the new attorney-general and justice minister this week, replacing Rigo MP Ano Pala, who had been moved to agriculture.
The united stand, in a show of solidarity to the National Alliance-led government, came as lobbying started yesterday for the governor’s position, spearheaded by members of parliament.
Sumkar Open MP Ken Fairweather made it known yesterday that he was interested in the job during a vehicle presentation to police.
The presidents met separately with Wati yesterday and said they did not want changes that would disrupt the province’s Vision 2015, which had kick started major developments in Madang.
Other parliamentarians who had also expressed interest in the position were Usino-Bundi MP Samson Kuli and Rai Coast MP James Gau.
Karkar LLG president Bagar Wamm said Madang was turning into a mining township and the plans that Sir Arnold had implemented would be successfully pursued by Wati if he was at the helm.
“National Alliance executives in the province will make the right choice for the good of all Madang when they choose Wati as he has accompanied Sir Arnold on his electoral trip to the Usino-Bundi area last month, making commitments to the least developed areas of Madang and, through their visions, the province will change.
“Some of the changes are already taking place in town with the engagement of youths and police combined, the town is much cleaner, no loitering and pickpockets, no street sales and potholes in town have been fixed,” he said of some of the achievements.