Madang governor’s son released on K4000 police bail


The son of Madang governor, who allegedly tried to forcefully open the Jomba police lock-up in Madang and free detainees early on Monday morning, was released on a K4000 police bail.
A suspect was charged and detained at Madang’s Jomba police cell early yesterday morning before he was released at daybreak for formal arrest.
Emmanuel Yama was reported to have torn the police cell registry and demanded for the cell key and threatened to shoot a police officer on duty.
Police sources said the officer involved saw Yama draw his hand to his back and suspected that he was going to pull a gun and at that instance the officer grabbed Yama and found the pistol fully loaded.
A shot was discharged while they struggled over the pistol and the bullet hit the front windscreen of Yama’s vehicle.
The shot alerted other officers at the back of the cell and they confronted Yama and assaulted him and detained him.
Before that Yama entered Biliau Maus Rot settlement and fired several shots at around 11pm on Sunday and demanded to see those who killed his youngest brother near the settlement.
Eyewitnesses gave accounts at the police station yesterday and police laid more charges on Yama.
Madang police Commander Chief Inspector Ben Neneo confirmed the reports and said Yama was under the influence of alcohol when he approached the police officer at the police station.
Neneo said Yama was charged with being in possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition, insulting and assaulting, threatening and resisting police arrest.
Yama’s charges were for serious offences that warranted a court bail but Neneo said he used his prerogative authority to release Yama on a K4000 police bail based on medical condition.
Neneo said Biliau Maus Rot settlers have reported what Yama did to them but they should provide witnesses.

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