Madang Highway’s trouble spots


MADANG Highway is the only link that connects Madang, Lae and the Highlands.
More and more people are using the highway for business and leisure.
However, there are two critical concerns that regular travellers face – the road condition and thugs.
The condition of the road is bad. There are huge potholes and tall grass at certain sections.
The potholes, tall grass and the steep mountains create perfect conditions for criminals to pounce on travellers.
Some buses have had their windows broken and passengers robbed, injured or even killed.
The hot spots are scattered between the Usino-Bundi Junction and Tapo River.
I was on the highway recently but because police were patrolling the area, we passed through safely.
Apart from having police patrols, I suggest two other immediate actions to address this concern.
First, fix the potholes, especially along the hot spots, to allow vehicles to travel at normal speed.
Second, engage local youths to clear the bush along the hot spots.
Criminals hide behind the bushes then hold up vehicles.

Safety conscious traveller
Madfox, K92

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