Madang leader wants police in settlements

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

A SETTLEMENT leader in Madang wants greater police presence in settlements to curb lawlessness and for the national government to commit to giving “teeth” to the force.
Council Theodore, of Public Tank, one of the most notorious settlements in Madang, said yesterday many of the youths in the settlement were “good” guys’ but community leaders and those enforcing the law needed to set good examples to earn their trust. and respect.
Theodore, who has been a good leader in the area since his appointment, stressed that the main problem in the settlements and elsewhere was the illicit brewing of homebrew or yawa.
Supporting his stand, John Angiap said they needed to see the local police force doing more community awareness and establishing a good community rapport with them.
“How can we cooperate with police when they rush in here and start harassing and intimidating innocent people without asking us? They sleep in the barracks and don’t understand how we live,” he said.
“There is always secrets that can never be broken because we become targets later.”
He said there were more foot patrols, police rotation, parades, awareness and other community policing efforts by police, people in the settlement would see the force as a ‘serious one’ focused on really working with the people to curb crime.
Angiap said the government should launch a major recruitment drive of Grade 10 leavers.
“If people see that there is a policeman or woman living among the community there will be a sense of respect and less trouble will be caused.
“We need to see police in the community. This will help to ease the escalating law and order problems being faced,” he said.