Madang MPs urged to unite in efforts

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The Nationl, Monday 10th September, 2012

MADANG former colourful politician and senior statesman Sir Angmai Bilas has called on the six parliamentarians to work together in developing the province.
Sir Angmai said unlike his days where unity and cooperation was the spirit needed in getting infrastructure and services started, it had not been so for parliamentarians in the recent past.
“I want to see the current MPs work together and not in isolation like the past MPs.
“Ol ino bung wantaim ol LLG presidents. (They did not meet with LLG presidents).
“How can we develop the town if we don’t work together,” he asked.
Sir Angmai said it was sad to see such an attitude since the town was already classified as a booming mining town, with a proposed plan showing the town as the next liquefied natural gas project site.
He said the lack of cooperation was something that was obvious during provincial executive council meetings.
His comment saw Governor Jim Kas say: “I will not hesitate to suspend those who fail to show.”
Former governor and member for Raicoast, James Gau said during his tenure those who had some representation at PEC meetings were Sumkar’s Ken Fairweather, Sir Arnold Amet, former attorney- general, and Ben Semri,  former MP for Middle Ramu.
“All good plans we have will be hot air if we don’t have each other’s support,” Gau said.
Other items discussed at the meeting was the Ramu NiCo’s full commissioning in November, with the outstanding issue of the memorandum of agreement yet to be addressed; development priorities and the reformation of the provincial governments business in Madang Development Corporation, the movement of staff from the main provincial government complex to the provincial headquarters and the review of all existing mining and state land agreements.