Madang needs a good leader


MADANG district, the time to make a decision has come.
We have witnessed the last four years of political leadership in the district.
Lest we forget the past 40 years of leadership.
Those who talk about pragmatic political solutions and express concerns about Madang should seriously consider a leader that can influence change despite our challenges.
Consider someone who will focus on building our health and education system as they are important in fostering economic development.
Education provides people with skills and competencies that allow them to be productive.
Health care, on other hand, complements education.
I believe these are the fundamentals of development.
I encourage everyone to stop overly criticising our current MP and focus on our own organisation on how best we can contribute to development.
All educated Madang people and others who call Madang home should rally behind a leader with good stewardship qualities.


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