Madang needs a new vision


IN 2013, a meeting was held and funded by the Madang provincial government. A current East Sepik MP, whose birth place is Madang, was the chairman of the meeting at that time and I was also present as a Madang man and the ILG chairman of Dylup Plantations Landowners of Sarang village.
There were many issues discussed and big plans were made during that time.
However, to date, this Kalibobo Vision 2020 is yet to materialise.
With a big of digging around, I found out a few things on my own.
But it is sad that Kalibobo Vision 2020 was never fulfilled and I call on all Madang thinkers and political leaders to come together so that we can come up with a new vision and work towards a new goal for a better Madang.

Christopher W Taweg