Madang needs tourism boost

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday February 8th, 2016

 PROMINENT businessman and former politician Sir Peter Barter recently called on the National Government to consider building an international airport in Madang to boost the ailing tourism industry. He also wanted a four-lane highway to be built to improve the road network in our beautiful town.  Barter’s call deserves greater attention and support from our six Members of Parliament. Our MPs have to work together to help push this agenda further forward and get the attention it requires from the National Government. Madang deserves high priority from the O’Neill Government because of its proven track record in tourism. While leaders like Barter are developing and promoting tourism, the Madang provincial government has virtually lost touch in supporting the industry. The provincial government should be funding the Madang Culture and Tourism Bureau, which has been ineffective and resulted in the downturn in tourism activities. Madang needs an international airport to boost tourism in the province and neighbouring provinces.  Upgraded infrastructure will increase revenue for the province and country through more jobs and business activities.


John K Kirakar