Madang no longer the beautiful town

Letters, Normal

The National

I REFER to the report “MCCI tells Madang government to clean up its act” that appeared in your paper recently. 
The call is timely taking into account the general decline in Madang town. 
As a taxpayer and a long-time resident of Madang town, the feeder roads are not what we expect in return for the tax we pay.
A handful of roads and potholes have been resealed by Shorncliffe Ltd after it was awarded the contract. 
However, the potholes are reappearing a few months after they have been patched.
Resealing work stopped at the beginning of this year and we are wondering what is happening.
Huge craters are appearing all over the town and roads.
Classic examples are those next to the Air Niugini office, National Court and Urban Council Office. 
Can the provincial government explain what it has done with the K35-million funding?
The general decline is showing with the ever-increasing amount of household refuse and rubbish left uncollected by the Madang urban council for months. 
Uncollected garbage is rotting away in plastics bags hanging from fences and rubbish stands. 
It is a real eyesore for a tourist town like Madang. 
A new dump site has been created next to the Sir Donald Cleland lagoon at the heart of the town and the rubbish has been emitting a foul smell. 
Can the urban council do something about this?
Where is Madang Open MP Buka Malai?
The people have not seen him for he has gone into hiding somewhere in Port Moresby.
It is time for him to come home and clean up his backyard.
Madang has lost its beautiful town tag and the authorities must do something or the town will lose its lustre.


Silent observer