Madang police prepare to keep the peace

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The National, Monday July 8th, 2013

 POLICE in Madang are geared up to ensure the local level government election in the province is fair and trouble free this week.

Acting provincial commander William Tetenga said last Friday police would be waiting for a briefing with provincial returning officer Philip Ann tomorrow to finalise their operation plan.

“The overall operation plan for the LLG election is in place and we have 237 officers ready to provide security assistance during polling,” Tetenga said.

He said police would be deployed to districts next week, with 24 set for Madang district, 18 for Middle Ramu, 20 for Rai Coast, 20 for Sumkar, 18 for Usino-Bundi and 12 for Bogia.

Tetenga said police would be getting K100 per day for the 14 days they would be helping and provincial commander Sylvester Kalaut was at police headquarters to have that processed.

“I told the policemen that their money would be put into their bank accounts and if they see some changes in their account balances, they must not think it is dream money,” he said.

He advised police to manage their allowances well and that the payments would be met by the Electoral Commission.

Tetenga appealed to the public in Madang to cooperate with police to ensure a trouble- free election, help polling officials to identify genuine voters as some people would try to double vote or vote using other person’s name.