Madang police report lowest number of arrests

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 4th January 2012

POLICE in Madang have reported the lowest number of arrests during the Christmas and New Year compared to previous years in the province.
Provincial police commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr said it was the result of strong community support rendered to the police during their operation.
“I commend the law and order community policing leaders and organisations that support the constabulary in carrying out general policing in their respective communities,’’ he said.
“This has been a big plus for police and we will continue to extend the partnership further. With limited manpower and logistic support community policing is the only way to address law and order issues in the province.”
Wagambie said the commencement of the traffic road safety unit’s operation weeks leading into the New Year and support from Youth-Link’s volunteers reduced criminal activities.
He said this ensured a quiet festive season and New Year.
He said close to 200 youths from various communities including Pikus, Wagol, Kalibobo, Masingan, Airport and DCA compound areas and villagers along the North and South coasts took part in the exercise. 
He said the Jomba police cells used to be filled to capacity during such times but it was different this time.
“Only a couple of drunks were picked up by police along public roads,’’ he said.
“However, those arrested during Dec 30 and Jan 1 were three for drinking liquor in public places, six for behaving in a disorderly manner, six for possessing illicit spirit, one for traffic and break and enter.”
Madang Teachers College principal Stephen Potek and his staff also conducted foot patrols in the area during the festive operation.