Madang president unaware of deputy’s involvement in AGM

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The National – Friday, December 3, 2010

MADANG rugby league executives, including president Paul Poka, were bemused after learning from the two papers this week that the PNGRFL AGM went ahead last Sunday in Lae.
Newly appointed president Poka revealed to this paper that he was not aware also that his deputy, Jack Taraka, had attended the AGM without MRL’s blessings.
“I do not know if his (Taraka) participation at the meeting without our notice was legal,” a frustrated Poka said on Wednesday.
Poka said he and his executive were not notified by Taraka, who travelled to Lae under the pretext of representing Madang, which they thought was to be postponed to Jan 30.
“Em go aut na mi tu no save (He went out and I am not even aware of this),” Poka said in pidgin.
He was also asked whether a quorum was made for a normal  AGM to take place.
He said most leagues in the country, including bigger playing centres like Port Moresby, Lae and most of the Highlands leagues, had not attended the meeting.
“We all wanted to go for the AGM but when we learnt from the media that the PNGRFL AGM was postponed to next year, we decided not to attend the meeting,” Poka said.
He said if the court order given was in line with the PNGRFL constitution, he hoped that all matters would come to an end for the good of the code and its future.
For Taraka’s case, Poka said: “We will ask him to explain why he did not notify us of his involvement in the meeting last Sunday but as for the AGM and the court order, that is something we all can’t make comments on.”