Madang puts measures in place to contain cholera

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THE Madang provincial cholera technical task force and awareness committee has taken necessary proactive and precautionary measures after receiving reports from the World Health Organisation that the cholera outbreak in the neighbouring Morobe province is likely to spread across the province.
Governor Sir Arnold Amet said during a media briefing that the committee had decided to ban all fast-food outlets and open-air sales of cooked food for two weeks.
Sir Arnold said the ban would be effective as soon as awareness campaign and notices are issued to all fast-food outlets and the public.
He said all sales of ice blocks and cold water would also be banned for the same period as they could be prepared using unsafe water sources.
Sir Arnold said his government was committed to the regulations decided by the committee as the best proactive and precautionary measures taken to control the spread of the epidemic.
He said that settlements like the Wagol River and Gov Stoa would also be issued notices to stop using the water tributaries as their toilets and instead, the people should dig and use pit toilets.
Children washing and swimming in those rivers would be advised to refrain from doing so.
Sir Arnold said the PNG Waterboard at Sisiak that supplies water to the town was advised to increase the amount of chlorine.
He said the task force and awareness committee would issue notices and carry out awareness and educate the people on proper hygiene.