Madang residents warned to be careful

National, Normal

MADANG residents have been warned to take precaution when crossing roads as many accidents have occurred in the province over the past two months.
Traffic officer Snr Const Frank Makora told The National in an interview that road accidents in Madang involved pedestrians and warned them to take precautions.
He said seven people were involved in a hit-and-run accident in which six died while one was seriously injured.
Const Makora said according to records, all of the major road accidents involved drivers from outside the province.
He said most accidents in Madang were caused by visiting the province.
However, Const Makora said while there had been reported accidents involving drivers from Madang, these were only minor and freak accidents involving drink driving.
Meanwhile, road safety inspectors and traffic officers conducted a monthly training and awareness for drivers and intending drivers in the province.
Const Makora said the exercise had prevented many fatal accidents and the processes involved in issuing licences were very strict.
He said every intending driver would have to sit for a driving awareness class before sitting for the actual driving school.
The initiative had proven to be very successful in avoiding and minimising motor vehicle accidents, he said.
Early last week, a similar testing was conducted at the RD Tuna for 20 forklift drivers.
Among them were four female forklift drivers.