Madang road work starts

National, Normal

The National, Friday 10th May 2013


THE incomplete section of the road between Paramed and Modilon Hospital in Madang was upgraded yesterday by R and Sons Construction.

The rough section stretching for about 20m had held up traffic in Madang in the past two weeks.

Driver Peter Mase said a few metres away was the hospital crossing which compounded the problem for PMVs and private vehicles which had to wait for a long time to move along.

It also contributed to students and workers arriving late for classes and work. 

Mase said vehicles were queued up starting at the Handy Mart hilltop giving little space for those which queued at the North Coast road to come into the already crowded Modilon road.

He said some vehicles pulled off the line and took short cuts on the walk ways which was dangerous for pedestrians. 

“It’s frustrating to wait in a long queue for so many minutes. I’m happy that work has begun,” Mase said.

Yesterday a grader and roller were brought there to fix and level that path to allow vehicles to move faster.

The bad road condition of that stretch of road has raised public concerns and need for the government to consider planning different routes to prevent traffic jams.

Another deteriorated section of the town road was the front yard of the Madang provincial headquarters with big potholes that were an eyesore to visitors and general public.