Madang suffering due to neglect, failure to follow rules

Letters, Normal

What is being experienced in Madang is the by-product of what we call development.
With socio-economic developments comes a price which we all should be prepared to pay – social problems.
Whilst I condemn what has happened to the long-time resident, whom many of us fondly call mother or granny, the Madang provincial administration should take part of the blame too for its lack of vision and failure to address increasing population, settlements, etc.
The increase in business investments has led to an influx of people and when some of the people cannot find employment, they turn to crime.
The PHD compound in Madang is a living proof of that situation.
This once beautiful compound is now more like some outlawed territories in Somalia.
It is no longer a safe place to visit.
The compound was built to cater for those working in the Modilon General Hospital and their dependents (18 years and below) and not for married dependents or extended families.
The original residents of PHD compound should take part of the blame for their failure to maintain and follow the rules and regulations.
They must also bear the responsibility of failing to take an active interest in the growth and development of their children and not maintaining a disciplined and organised community.
On the same note, the Modilon General Hospital board and management should also be held responsible for their neglect of that compound by not taking measures like checking the compound to ensure only residents and dependents are living there, ensuring that there are no illegal activities, continuously remind their staff who are residing there about rules, terms and conditions of employment, including the privilege of living there.
The bottom line is because of the breakdown and neglect, crime has increased.


Franco Wawen
Via email