Madang warder stabbed, woman raped

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The National, Thursday 23rd August, 2012

SOME residents of Madang are calling for tougher security measures to be provided at the Pils Rapa’a discotheque in town, after a recent rape incident and the stabbing of a warder outside the club last Saturday night.
A police source said that the warder was manhandled inside the club and was thrown out when he was attacked by a group of men who used a screwdriver to stab him and broke a bottle on his head.
In the earlier incident, a woman was harassed inside the club by a man and forced outside where a group of men dragged her to Laiwaden Oval and raped her.
The victim’s ordeal ended when town mayor Mike Kamo and another man who were in the club were told of the incident and went to the rescue.
Kamo’s oncoming vehicle forced the offenders to flee.
The victim was later taken to the hospital.
Simon Marme, a regular of the club also said,
“Petty thieves are regulars at the (club) carpark making the area very unsafe,” he said.
The incidents come after Madang open MP, Nixon Duban, pledged to curb lawlessness last week.
Meanwhile in another incident, a two-hour shootout with firearms, fishing guns and slingshots at the Biliau Maus Rot between the highlands and Sepik communities was stopped instantly after businessman, Peter Yama, who happened to be in the area, asked both sides to lay down their weapons.
“The police personnel were there but people did not respect the law and were running amok with their weapons, attacking each other but as soon as I spoke to them, they complied”, Yama said yesterday.
No deaths were reported but many on both sides suffered serious injuries.