Madang youth leaders slam moves to oust Amet

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MADANG youth leaders have come out strongly against what they called political maneuvering to oust Madang Governor Sir Arnold Amet.
In a media statement released on Monday, the young people said the call for a vote of no-confidence against Sir Arnold was the work of opportunists who were power hungry and did not have any constructive or better alternatives to the work of Sir Arnold with the youths of Madang province.
“We want to make it clear that we as youths are ashamed, outraged and saddened by the actions of only a minority of youths who raped and assaulted a prominent citizen of Madang province,” the youth leaders said.
They said the breakdown in law and order in the  province was the result of years of corruption within and failure by the public service to deliver basic services to the young people in the province.
“This is supported by the fact that Madang province has been classified in a survey by the Australian National University as the third most disadvantaged province in PNG,” the statement read.
Another reason for the breakdown in law and order was the failure of the six national MPs to work cohesively with them through the district youth councils and other provincial youth council, the leaders said.