Magistrate advises young man to get educated, care for mother

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The National, Thursday 04th April, 2013

A YOUNG man was advised by a magistrate to get educated and serve his mother and not to harm or threaten her for the pain she had endured to raise him.
Lae District Court magistrate Sasa Inkung yesterday told Rhommi Yako that threats made against his mother (the complainant) was not good. 
Inkung was in the process of presiding over Yako’s matter yesterday afternoon at the committal hearing when an elderly woman abruptly walked into the court room and interrupted the session saying she was the complainant and wanted to withdraw the case.
“Are you the complainant?” the magistrate asked the woman.
“Yes I am. He (Rhommi) is my last born son,” the woman explained.
When Inkung heard the woman’s reply he told the accused that he must stop what he was doing and respect his mother.
“You are lucky she withdrew the complaint,” he said.
“If you appear again there will be no mercy for you.
“Do not threaten your mother again.
“Listen to your parents and you will be blessed,” the magistrate said.
In another matter, a teenager from Western Highlands was jailed for five months for possessing marijuana.
Seth Paul was given the sentence after police found a roll of dried marijuana in his pocket near the Main Market in Lae, Morobe.
During the hearing, Inkung asked the accused if the information police presented in court was correct and he admitted.
He, however, had no idea about the marijuana and claimed that it belonged to his elder brother.
He told the court that he was wearing his brother’s trousers and did not know that the cannabis were in one of the pockets.
The magistrate refused to believe his story, saying his story was the same excuse many suspects caught with marijuana gave to avoid punishment.
He told Paul that since it was his first time, he would serve only five months in prison and not the maximum sentence of two years.