Magistrate asks whether police can be trusted

National, Normal

WAIGANI Committal Court magistrate Pinson Pindipia yesterday raised concern whether the public could fully trust the police.
During a hearing concerning the ownership of a motor vehicle, the defendant, a mine worker, upon learning that the case had been adjourned, requested that the vehicle be impounded at the Boroko police station until the next appearance in court.
When Mr Pindipia enquired from the prosecution if it was possible for the vehicle to be impounded, police prosecutor Koniu Polon said the safety of the vehicle was questionable and that it had been the experience in the past that parts of vehicles had gone missing.
This prompted Mr  Pindipia to raise question as to whether the people could trust the police as an institution of justice and safety.
He said if there was no trust in the police, what would be the implication for the people.
Prosecutor Polon replied that due to the gates not being securely manned, it was possible for trespassers to steal parts from vehicles impounded in the car yard.
The prosecution was then advised to meet with the defendant and the complainant to discuss the impounding of the vehicle.
Meanwhile, the case of a Chinese national who was charged early last month with  alleged rape of a minor was adjourned to Nov 12 after it was revealed that the court details could not be located for viewing by the magistrate.