Magistrate: Barbaric, uncivilised assault

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The National, Thursday 13th June 2013

 A MAGISTRATE branded the assault of a senior public servant by a fellow government officer as “barbaric, uncivilised and unacceptable to society”.

Magistrate Jeremiah Singomat told Talu Aipe, the deputy director of the Jiwaka Transtitional Authority, that as a well-educated man occupying a high office, he should lead by example.

Aipe and clansman Kaie Kapel were accused of assaulting Tokana Hasavi, the Jiwaka provincial administrator, on May 27.

The court heard that Aipe and Kapel had fought with a security guard,  broke open the door to Hasavi’s office and assaulted him.

Singomat found them guilty of wilful damage and assault. He sentenced Aipe and Kapel to 12 months imprisonment,  six months for the damage and six for the assault.

But he suspended the sentence on the condition they pay K2,000 for the damage to the office and K1,500 as compensation to Hasavi. 

He ordered the two men to be locked up until they paid K3,500.