Magistrate calls for control on issuing liquor licenses

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday February 4th, 2014

 A MAGISTRATE has advised the Liquor Licencing Board in Buka town, Autonomous Region of Bougainville, to control the number of liquor trading licences because of the hike in alcohol-related problems.

Magistrate Bruce Tasikul gave the advice when he fined Johnny Minsipi of Duisei village, Siwai, K500 for breaching a liquor ban imposed during the festive season.

He said there had been a lot of public complaints about alcohol-related issues in Bougainville, especially the emergence of liquor outlets in Buka and Kokopau. 

“In every corner of these two towns, you will see a small window with beer on sale. 

“I do not know whether some of these shops have a liquor trading licence or not,” he said.

“The ABG through the Liquor Licensing Commission should regulate and closely monitor the number of liquor trading license as many of them abuse their license trading hours.”

Tasikul told Minsipi that when authorities issued notices to ban alcohol trading during the festive season, license holders must comply with them.

Minsipi was caught selling half a carton of beer on Jan 1.

Police said they had arrested a group of drunken men carrying half a cartoon of beer on the road which they had just bought from Minsipi.

Police raided his shop and confiscated 79 cartons of beer inside.

Minsipi told the court that he had to sell the beer during the ban because he wanted to meet his rental fees. 

Tasikul, however, rejected the explanation.