Magistrate lays down the law for parents in Jiwaka region

Highlands, Normal

A MAGISTRATE in Jiwaka has urged parents not to demand any thing from their children.
Michael Tongia, senior Minj District Court magistrate, told a gathering during the 34th graduation of the Minj High School last Tuesday afternoon that parents had a responsibility to provide food, shelter, care and education to their children but must not demand from their children in return.
Mr Tongia added that it was wrong for parents to demand anything from their children because they had a responsibility to raise children to be law-abiding citizens.
He said on many occasions, parents demanded too much from their children, forcing them to shy away from responsibilities which in turn affected their growth and education.
Mr Tongia said children must be provided with all the assistance they need to get good education.
“On the other hand, children must help out at home, working in the garden, fetching water and doing other
household chores expected in a normal family living,” he said.
Mr Tongia also told the 267 Grade 10 students that those among them who did not progress to Grade 11 could consider enrolling at open campuses, college of distanceeducation studies or even enrol at the
technical vocational education training centres.
He said there was no such thing as failure, “it’s the education system that is failing you”.