Magistrate queries bail receipt anomaly

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

THE Boroko District Court is seeking confirmation from an arresting officer who had issued two bail receipts to a man charged with obstructing police.
Magistrate Alex Kalandi declined an application yesterday by  a police prosecutor to withdraw the case against Paul Kubini who was charged with the obstruction of police duty.
Kalandi said Kubini had paid K500 but the receipt attached to his court file showed he paid K300.
“How come the defendant gave K500 and on the receipt it shows K300? Where did the K200 go?” he said.
The defendant told the court that he was granted a K500 bail by the police.
Kalandi told the police prosecutor to confirm the matter with the arresting officer before the case could proceed.
“This is a disgrace,” he said.
The case was adjourned to July 13.
The court also adjourned a case involving a charge of unlawful damage to State property.
Maryanne Emma Tura, from Western, was alleged to have unlawfully damaged a government house at the Bomana Police College in the National Capital District on April 16.
Tura, who pleaded guilty, told the court that she was provoked into committing the offence.
The court granted Tura’s request for an adjournment so she could prepare her case.
The case was adjourned to July 22.